Live webcams in Perm Krai

Perm Krai, Russia

Perm Krai (Russian: Пе́рмский край) is a federal subject in Russia (Krai), spanning from the east of the East European Plain to the western part of the Middle Ural Mountains. The live webcams will show around this region, renowned for its first-class ballet, and the significant collection of ancient art including the rich local art in museums such as the Perm State Art Gallery. This famed museum is a must-see in the capital city of the same name, Perm, as well as the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art. Perm Krai features numerous rivers, dense forests and a thousand caves, namely the Kungur ice cave, one of the biggest in the world. There is a hiking route in Basegi Nature Reserve, which offers untouched landscapes and an abundance of plants, including rare plants. Among the many pretty villages is Ust-Koyva village, near the caves Chudesnitsa and Glukhaya, and nature where you may go rafting, rock-climbing, fishing and cross-country skiing.The major city Solikamsk, on the Kama River, is a significant salt producer in Russia. Lyudmilinskaya salt well is one of the attractions in the city along G. A. Demidov Memorial Botanical Garden and historical buildings and museums such as Dom Voyevody history museum.Population: estimated 2,6 million people Capital: Perm Other major cities: Berezniki, Solikamsk, Chaykovsky Main attractions: Perm Sate Art Gallery, Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Kungur Ice Cave, Kamennyy Gorod (mountain peak), Architectural and ethnographic museum KhokhlovkaMajor Airports: Perm International Airport (PEE - Международный аэропорт Пермь)