Live webcams in Vila Real

Vila Real, Portugal

The District of Vila Real (Distrito de Vila Real) is situated in northern Portugal, north of the Douro River and east of the city of Porto. The capital city of the same name, Vila Real, is set on a plateau 450 metres high and surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. The outstanding historic buildings stand out in the picturesque city such as the Gothic Cathedral of Vila Real and the chapel “Capela Nova” in Baroque style. Among the many picturesque towns in the district is Chaves, with attractions including the Roman bridge “Ponte Trajano” on the Tâmega River, Chaves spa with hot springs, and historic landmarks including São Francisco Fort. The district offers scenic landscapes, as you will see on the live webcams, such as Alvão Natural Park in Mondim de Basto, part of Peneda-Gerês National Park and beautiful vineyards near the Douro River.Population: approximately 224 thousand peopleCapital: Vila Real Other major places: Chaves, Valpaços, Peso da Régua, Vila Pouca de AguiarMain attractions: Mateus Palace, Alvão Natural Park, Pedras Salgadas spa & nature park, Montalegre Castle, Chaves Castle, Roman Mining Complex of Tresminas Nearest Airports: Vila Real Airport (VRL - Aeródromo Municipal de Vila Real)