Live Cams in Toyama

Toyama, Japan

The prefecture of Toyama (富山県) lies along the Sea of Japan, in the central part of Honshu, the largest main island of Japan. Featuring a stunning coast and part of the Northern Japan Alps, Toyama has many natural attractions, perhaps the most famous is the striking Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route offering incredible mountain scenery, including at Mount Tate. Other natural wonder in the region is kurobe Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in Japan. There, visitors may admire the beautiful scenery aboard the sightseeing train Kurobe Gorge Railway. On the Amaharashi Coast, the port city of Humi stands out for its beauty, maritime culture and views to the sea and to the Tateyama Mountain Range. The capital of the same name, Toyoma, is a lively city with both traditional and modern attractions such as Toyama Castle park, the museums of Folkcraft Village and the futuristic building of the Glass Art Museum. The live webcams will show you around the scenery and cityscapes of this spectacular region in Japan.Population: more than 1 million peopleCapital: ToyamaOther major cities: Kurobe, Himi, Imizu, Nanto, Takaoka Main attractions: Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Mount Tate, Mikurigaike crater lake, Kurobe Dam, Hida Mountains hot springs and ski areas, Kurobe Gorge Railway, Gokayama area (UNESCO World Heritage List)Nearest Airports: Toyama Airport (TOY - 富山空港)