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Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

Miyazaki Prefecture is an administrative region on the southernmost main island of Japan, Kyūshū. The region is on the coast of the island, bathed by the Pacific Ocean to the east and south. Miyazaki Prefecture is abundant with natural parks, great beaches, and attractive cities.The prefecture’s capital city of the same name, Miyazaki, offers wonderful views on the shoreline as well as to the nearby mountains. The city is a favoured travel destination in Japan, with numerous family attractions, hotels and onsens (public baths). Miyazaki is also visited for surfing as it has great conditions year-round. The town of Takachiho is significant in the Japanese mythology, and features stunning views such as Takachiho Gorge. In Nichinan stands the Udo Shrine set in a cave on a coastal cliff so visitors enjoy spectacular views over ocean!Population: over 1.1 million inhabitantsCapital: Miyazaki Other major cities: Ebino, Hyūga, Kobayashi, Kushima, Miyakonojo, Nichinan, Nobeoka, SaitoMain attractions: Miyazaki City, Takachiho Gorge, Amano Iwato Shrine, Takachiho Shrine, Udo-jingū Shinto ShrineNearest Airports: Miyazaki Airport (KMI - 宮崎空港)