Live webcams in Kumamoto Prefecture

Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

These streaming webcams in Japan's Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu (Kyūshū) show the region's most famous points of interest as well as breathtaking natural landscapes.The region is bounded on the west by the Ariake inland sea and the Amakusa archipelago; on the north by Fukuoka Prefecture and Ōita Prefecture; on the south by Kagoshima Prefecture; and on the east by Miyazaki Prefecture.The most natural attraction in Kumamoto Prefecture is the active Mount Aso volcano, which reaches a height of 1,592 metres (5,223 feet). It is located in the centre of the vast Mount Aso Caldera, an important tourist destination in the region. This spectacular destination is part of Kujū National Park.This prefecture has a few more national parks with diverse landscapes of outstanding beauty. Kumamoto's capital city is home to the world's first peace pagoda, which was completed in 1954 under the direction of Japanese Buddhist monk Nichidatsu Fujii. Visit Kumamoto Castle and, nearby, Sakura-no-Baba Josaien, an area modelled after a seventeenth-century castle town where you can sample local cuisine, shop, and learn more about the city's history.Population: approximately 1,8 million residentsCapital: Kumamoto Other major cities: Amakusa, Yatsushiro, TamanaMain attractions: Mt. Aso Craters & Kusasenri Observatory, Suizenji Jojuen Garden, Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Sakura-no-Baba Josaien, Tsūjun Bridge Airports: Kumamoto Airport (KMJ - 熊本空港)