Live Cams in Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Chiba prefecture (千葉県) is on the east coast of Honshu, the largest island of Japan. It is in the Kantō region, comprising an east part of Greater Tokyo Area and Bōsō Peninsula, between the Pacific Ocean and Tokyo Bay.The capital city is Chiba, on Tokyo Bay, known for the Ciba Urban Monorail (the longest suspended monorail system), Inage Beach and many other attractions! Tokyo Disney Resort is a major attraction in Japan. It is located in the city of Urayasu and composed of grand theme parks - Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, and other entertainment spots, as well as hotels. The Yōrō Keikoku Okukiyosumi Prefectural Natural Park offers stunning scenic views and, for beach-lovers, Kujūkuri Beach is around 60 kilometres long, the second longest in Japan! In Chiba prefecture is Narita International Airport, the second-busiest passenger airport in the country.Population: over 6.2 million inhabitantsCapital: ChibaOther major cities: Funabashi, Narita, Ichikawa, Matsudo, Kashiwa, Ichihara, IchiharaMain attractions: Tokyo Disney Resort (Urayasu), Narita-san Shinshō-ji (Shingon Buddhist temple), National Museum of Japanese History, Natural History Museum and Institute, Museum of Aeronautical Science (Shibayama), Boso no Mura (open air museum), Yōrō Keikoku Okukiyosumi Prefectural Natural Park, Inubōsaki Lighthouse, Kujūkuri BeachMajor Airports: Narita International Airport (NRT - (成田国際空港)Watch sites live from Chiba prefecture on our webcam-sharing platform!