Live webcams in Akita Prefecture

Akita Prefecture, Japan

The live cameras will show you wonderful sites around Akita Prefecture, situated in the northeastern part of the largest island in Japan, Honshu. The region has a long shoreline on the Sea of Japan to the west, and it shares borders with Yamagata Prefecture to the south, Miyagi Prefecture to the southeast, Iwate Prefecture to the east, and Aomori Prefecture to the north.Akita Prefecture is an excellent destination for nature lovers, with scenic mountains, lakes, and wonderful natural parks of diverse landscapes such as Tazawako Dakigaeri Prefectural Natural Park. This park, known for its greenery and fall foliage, contains Lake Tazawa, Japan's deepest lake at 423 metres. The lake is a significant tourist destination, which includes the surrounding hot spring resorts (onsen) and leisure areas.The capital city, Akita, is famous for hosting the Kanto Matsuri, one of the biggest summer festivals in Japan, held in early August each year, designated an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. The city, since ancient times, an important rice-growing area, has Japan's most famous sake breweries, using top-quality rice and water.Among other destinations in Akita Prefecture is the town of Kakunodate, where you will find the Samurai District, with fine examples of samurai housing. The town is also a destination for hanami (flower viewing), a Japanese tradition almost always referring to the cherry blossom.
In the Oga Peninsula, you will find the Namahage Museum, an intangible folk cultural property of Japan, and the Oga Namahage Museum. Namahage, a traditional festival, is held in Oga City every year.Population: approximately 960 thousand people Capital: AkitaOther major cities: Daisen, Yurihonjō, Yokote, Noshiro, Ōdate Main attractions: Lake Tazawa, Senshu Park, Akito Kanto Festival, Kakunodate samurai district, Tsuru no Yu hot spring hotel, Tamagawa Hot Spring, Akita Prefectural Oga Aquarium, Namahage Museum, Statue of Tatsuko, Dakigaeri Valley Major Airports: Akita Airport (AXT - -秋田空港), Odate–Noshiro Airport (ONJ - 大館能代空港)