Live Cams in Pori

Pori, Finland

On the west coast of Finland, you’ll find the city and municipality of Pori, one of the oldest in the country, dating back to 1558. With about 85,000 inhabitants, nowadays it is the 11th most populated city of Finland, having the 7th largest metropolitan area.The coldest month is February, with -9ºC, going up to 20ºC in August. The nearest holiday destination is Yyteri, one of the largest beaches in the Baltic Sea. The weather cams will give you more info on the atmospheric conditions, if you want to take a walk along the Eteläranta riverside.Apart from the Pori international jazz music festival, the city has more culture to offer, with the Rosenlew museum and the historical Satakunta museum. If you like modern art, we recommend the Pori Art Museum.