Live Cams in Pargas

Pargas, Finland

Live webcams in Pargas, Finland. First shown popular webcams. Pargas is a municipality of Finland, in the Archipelago Sea. The big limestone mine in Pargas is the base of the main industry, while there are still significant rural areas. Except for the central parts of Pargas, the municipality is mostly rural.Pargas is located in Aboland in the province of Western Finland and is part of the Southwest Finland region. It was created as Vastaboland on January 1, 2009 in Southwest Finland, when the municipalities of Pargas, Nagu, Korpo, Houtskar and Inio were united into a single municipality.Some live webcams can be viewed with sound. When viewing, consider the fact that the sound in the broadcast can be turned on by default.#Pargas, #webcams, #live, #real time, #Finland