Live webcams in Greenland

Greenland, Denmark

The live webcams will take you to Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat; Grønland), the largest island in the world, an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is situated between the Artic and Atlantic oceans, east of the Canadian Artic Archipelago. The Greenland ice sheet covers about 79% of Greenland's surface, 1,710,000 square kilometres (660,000 sq mi). It is the only permanent ice sheet outside Antarctica. The population is mostly concentrated on the southwest coast, where the capital and the largest city of Nuuk lies. This dynamic, colourful urban centre is the heart of Greenland. You will find in Nuuk a modern city where you can learn old traditions of the Inuit culture and marvel at the scenic Old Harbour, the Greenland National Museum, the Nuuk Art Museum and many other attractions.Tourists in Greenland enjoy coastal sailings and cruises, whale watching and fishing. In South Greenland, exploring the huge fjords, peninsulas and islands. Other adventures in icy Greenland are climbing and mountaineering, skiing, biking, hiking on the Artic Circle Trail and observing the arctic wildlife. Greenland is also home to the 160-kilometre Artic Circle Race, considered the world's toughest cross-country ski race.Population: approximately 57 thousand people Capital: NuukOther major towns: Sisimiu, Aasiaat, IlulissatMain attractions: Ilulissat Ice Fjord, Whale Watching, Northern Lights, Qaqortoq Museum, Paamiut Museum, Greenland National Museum, Uunartoq island hot springs Major Airports: Aasiaat airport (JEG - Mittarfik Aasiaat; Aasiaat Lufthavn), Kulusuk Airport (KUS - Mittarfik Kulusuk; Kulusuk Lufthavn); Nuuk Airport (GOH - Mittarfik Nuuk; Godthåb Lufthavn)