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Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia

Dubrovnik-Neretva (Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija) is the southernmost county in Croatia, within the historical region of Dalmatia.The capital is Dubrovnik, a beautiful seaside city with landmarks including the city walls and Fort Lovrijenac, and pleasant sandy beaches such as Copacabana Beach.This county on the Adriatic Sea includes Pelješac peninsula, a famous tourist destination as well as the stunning islands off the coast. 
In Korčula island is set Korčula city - one of the best preserved of Croatia´s fortified towns. It has an outstanding old town and parts of medieval city walls can be seen, and especially admired from the water, as it is beautifully set on a foreland. Other major islands are: Mljet, with over 80 per cent of forest, including a national park; Šipan – a rural island with numerous palm tree species; Lopud island is known as the "island in the middle" and home to amazing sandy beaches;  the island municipality of Lastovo with the wonderful Lastovo Archipelago Nature park.Population: over 123 thousand inhabitants
Capital: Dubrovnik
Other major cities:  Korčula, Metković, Opuzen, Ploče
Main attractions: Dubrovnik, City Walls and Old Town with St. Blaise Church and Sponza Palace, Fort Imperijal, Fort Lovrijenac (St. Lawrence Fortress, "Dubrovnik's Gibraltar"), Rector's Palace, Minčeta fortress, Dubrovnik Cathedral, Dubrovnik Cable Car, Korčula Old Town, towers and city walls, St. Mark’s Cathedrak (Korčula), Metković Old Town, , Korčula and Mljet islands, the Elaphiti Islands
Nearest Airports: Dubrovnik Airport (DBV – Čilipi Zračna luka Dubrovnik/Čilipi)